Plays That Helped OG: The Sneaky Move That Grabbed OG TI8

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There many amazing plays that helped OG win The International 2018 (TI8), But there one that changed everything in a quiet way.

Plays That Helped OG: Bringing the Hidden Gem to Light

When it comes to Dota 2, big plays usually involve huge team fights and amazing skills. OG’s secret weapon in the title game, on the other hand, was a “small play” that worked wonders for them.

Plays That Helped OG: The Forgotten Point of Change

This quiet move might not have been enough for OG to lift the Aegis of Champions, and their Cinderella story might have stayed a dream.

Plays That Helped OG: Getting Things Started

Think about this: OG is in trouble 39 minutes into game four of the Grand Finals. PSG.LGD is in charge, with a 2-1 series lead and 7,000 gold in hand. The most farmed hero is PSG’s Ana’s Phantom Lancer, who is OG’s star player.The Morphling and Bloodseeker from LGD are hot on his trail.

The Phantom Attack

Ana leaves the safety of OG’s base to farm, which is a brave thing to do. He has no idea that PSG.LGD is ready to strike. All five of the enemy heroes rush at him, and Ana is quickly ganked.

What You Can’t See

This event, which seems unimportant at first, becomes the key to OG’s plan. It could have been very bad for them to lose their carry, but it starts a chain of events that works out in their favour.

A Fair Level of Safety

Even though Ana died, OG’s Phantom Lancer had pushed PSG.LGD away from their base. This gave OG a chance to get back together and plan without being under constant pressure.

The Effect of the Ripple on PSG.When LGD decided to use all of their power to stop Ana, OG jumped at the chance to fight back. They played a great counterattack and caught PSG.LGD off guard and changing the flow of events.

What Came Next

OG, against all chances, made money off of the chaos. They won team fights, took back control of the map, and won the last game to win the whole thing. This play that no one noticed set the stage for OG’s historic back-to-back title wins.

In conclusion

When it comes to e-sports, small moves can sometimes make a big difference. OG’s run to the title wasn’t just about big plays; it was also about smart strategy. This play that wasn’t given much attention showed what teamwork, grit, and the unpredictable nature of Dota 2 are all about. Watch a game again and look for those small, sneaky moments that change the game. They could be the real AGENGACOR stars behind the scenes.

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