Hunter x Hunter : NEN×IMPACT Game Announcement

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Hey there, little fans of Hunter x Hunter! Guess what? There’s some super exciting news for all of you who love Gon and his friends. A new game is coming, and it’s called HUNTER’s×HUNTER: NEN×IMPACT. Let’s find out more about this cool game and why it’s making Hunter’s x Hunter fans so happy!

Hunter x Hunter: A Famous Anime and Manga Series

Hunter’s x Hunter is a really famous story that lots of people around the world love. It’s not just an anime; it’s also a manga series with awesome adventures. But you know what? Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned, and  had a bit of a tough time reaching its full potential.

Challenges Faced: Author’s Poor Health and Hiatus

One big challenge was that the person who created Hunter, the author, got sick. When someone is not feeling well, it’s hard for them to keep working on their cool stories. So, the series had to take a break, and it’s been on a break for quite a while. But hey, we’re sending good vibes to the author for a speedy recovery!

Hunter x Hunter : NEN×IMPACT Game Announcement

Exciting News for Hunter x Hunter Fans

Now, here comes the super cool part! Even though the manga is taking a break, a brand new game is on the way. It’s called  and it’s a game where you can have lots of fun with your favorite characters. Get ready for some awesome 3v3 fighting action!

Developed by Eighting: The Studio Behind the Game

The cool game is being made by a studio called Eighting. They’re the talented people who are working hard to bring the world to life in this exciting game. So, we know it’s going to be super fun!

Hunter x Hunter What’s a 3v3 Fighting Game?

Now, let’s talk about the game itself. It’s a 3v3 fighting game. That means you get to pick three characters you love from Hunter’s x Hunter and make them team up for battles. Imagine Gon, Killua, and Kurapika teaming up – that sounds like an unbeatable squad!

A Peek at Recent Chapters: A Glimmer of Hope

Guess what happened recently? Some new chapters of  were released! The author felt a bit better, and we got to enjoy a bit more of the story. It’s like a small gift to the fans, and we hope there’s more to come.

Togashi’s Tough Situation: Possible Endings

The person who created Hunter’s x Hunter is named Togashi. He’s been facing some tough times with his health. But you know what’s amazing? Togashi shared all the possible endings of the story in case he can’t finish it. It’s like leaving a treasure map for us to follow!

Excitement for the Game: Playing with Favorite Characters

Imagine being able to control Gon, Killua, or any of your favorite characters in a game. That’s what makes this news so exciting! Even if the manga takes a break, we can still have awesome adventures with the characters we love in the game.

Positive Vibes for the Author: Wishing for a Quick Recovery

As fans, we want to send positive vibes and good wishes to Togashi, the amazing person who created Hunter’s x Hunter. We hope he feels better soon so that we can enjoy more of Gon’s adventures.

Conclusion: Ready for More Hunter x Hunter Fun

So, little Hunter fans, get ready for more fun! The NEN×IMPACT game is on the way, and it’s going to be a blast. Let’s cheer for Togashi’s recovery and enjoy the adventures in the game until the manga comes back.

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