Cruisin’ for the Northern Lights: 6 Awesome Picks

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1. Hurtigruten’s Arctic Adventure

Cruisin’ for the Northern Lights. So, you’re on the hunt for the Northern Lights? Hurtigruten’s got your back! Picture this: a 14-day journey from Oslo to North Cape, with icy fjords, snowy mountains, and stops at Tromsø, Alta, and Honningsvåg. All of this for just £1,827pp, including flights, fancy dining, and even photography workshops. Bonus: If the lights decide to play hide-and-seek, enjoy an extra free Norway voyage!

2. Celebrity Cruises’ Wild Ride

Celebrity Cruises is offering a 12-night adventure through six ports, including Iceland and Greenland, for $2,163pp (£1,706). Get ready for some luxury vibes on the Celebrity Eclipse with a European shopping piazza, yoga studio, and a martini bar with all the vodka choices you can imagine. Dive into the science and culture of the Northern Lights at Reykjavik’s Northern Lights Center.

3. Royal Caribbean’s Arctic Circle Vibes

Royal Caribbean’s got the hookup with a 12-night Arctic Circle Cruise hitting up eight port cities. For £1,478pp, you get daring dining options, musical performances, rock climbing walls, and mini-golf. Glide through those remote dark skies and get pumped for some epic light shows after sunset.

4. Havila Voyages’ Coastal Chill

Havila Voyages is taking you on a 12-day Coastal Express Cruise hitting up 34 Norwegian ports. For £2,096pp, you might catch the Northern Lights through the glass observation lounge while sailing sustainably by battery power. Four hours of serene silence? Count us in!

5. Seabourn’s Epic Northwest Expedition

Seabourn’s Venture ship is on a 23-day journey from Iceland to Alaska for a cool £24,299. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey, but you’re getting a Northwest Passage experience through the Canadian Arctic. Check out the constellation lounge with killer views of penguins and killer whales by day and the Northern Lights by night.

6. Secret Atlas’ Cozy Greenland Cruise

Get ready for a more intimate vibe with Secret Atlas’ East Greenland Cruise. For €9,900 (£8,579), you and 11 other travelers get to explore Scoresby Sund fjord and Viking Bay. Lectures, zodiac landings, and full-board dining are all part of the deal. Oh, and there’s an on-deck sauna and a chill observation lounge perfect for snapping pics of the Northern Lights in September. No light pollution, just pure magic!

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